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The Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare

Do think that House Elves are treated poorly? Do you want to try to make a difference?? Well e-mail me your two Sickles (it all goes to the House-Elves) and I will add you!!!

S.P.E.W. was started by Ms Hermoine Granger, in her fourth year.

1. Hermoine Granger
2. Ronald Weasley
3. Harry Potter (Yes THE HARRY POTTER)

4. Kiki Vera (punkchick180) E-mail Website
5. May (potterpunk) E-mail Website
6. Shannon Maloney (shannonmaloney) E-mail Website
7. Angelica E-mail Website ((She is from Verky's and Kiki's School))
8. Juliana E-mail Website
9. Not Gonna Say E-mail Website

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